Thursday, 23 December 2010

First Post

I can't believe I've never started an Art Doll blog. I made the first one about the time I was in Jr. High School probably. I didn't get far. As I recall I found her years later and she never did have any arms.

I guess I haven't needed a whole blog just for art dolls because the apple head dolls and the gourd dolls and the beaded dolls have their own blogs respectively.

But now I want to share spirit dolls, prim dolls and other art dolls. I've been collecting doll making books for years, but because dolls are so labor intensive, and sometimes confusing to figure out, many of my dolls never got finished.  Sometimes the doll is done but not the clothes, or the clothes are done and don't quite fit right.

At any rate, I thought it was high time the dolls got their own realm.

Here is  link to an article I wrote on art dolls.

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